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PetCity - A trusted destination for pet lovers

(05-05-2023, 5:59 pm)

Numerous studies have shown that: Pet owners are generally healthier, more attentive, and more outgoing than other people. 

That's why so many families now have several pets to help make the family atmosphere more cozy and fun. 

However, it is not easy to choose a place to buy utensils, clothes, food .. for pets, dogs and cats that both ensure quality and reasonable price.

To meet this demand, PetCity.vn supermarket was born with the mission of providing all package products for pets, dogs and cats: from food, clothing, utensils, nutritional food, to toys. , cosmetics, cages and other accessories... from reputable manufacturers in the world such as: Royal Canin, Whiskas, Davis, Virbac, PetAg, Fido's, Pedigree, PetCity, Kong, Sanicat, Ferplast, 8in1, ABC, CityZoo, Me-o, Catsan, Fidos, Fancy Feast, Pet Naturals, Nutri Source, O'Fresh, Natural Core..

PetCity's mission is to keep your pets healthy and lovely, making customers truly satisfied with the quality of products and services.

In addition to the retail store system, PetCity pioneered to organize programs and activities for pets: Free medical care and treatment program (Care Your Pet Program); Community offline event (Pet Carnival); "PetStar - Pet Superstar" Photo & Writing Contest





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